Bird flu pandemic panic

Every few years along comes an avian flu pandemic panic. This time the trouble is in China.

China reports nine bird flu cases amid allegations of cover up on social media | World news | The Guardian.

As you would expect in mammals with brains the size of ours, just to be safe, let’s kill as many chickens as we can.

As any passing Raven will tell you, it is not ‘avians’ that threaten humans with a flu pandemic, it is our treatment of them.

Flu is a natural occurrence among birds. It only becomes deadly when we cram thousands of ducks and chickens into unsanitary and inhumane pens‚ the perfect breeding ground for this sort of virus.

Just when we thought we were safe from bird flu, last year it was discovered that scientists had created a deadly bird flu super virus. As this clip reveals, for these three credulous characters, it’s a threat to US national security.

To keep things in perspective, here is Jon Stewart on the last panic, in 2006/7:

Fear Itself

Fear Itself is the title of a series of 8 radio programs on CBC radio, beginning in July, 2012 and hosted by Christy Ann Conlin.

Fear Itself is a summer radio program Conlin2nd-300.jpgthat explores the whys, wherefores and whathaveyous of fear – why we are afraid, why we are both drawn to and repulsed by fear, the healthy role it plays in human life, and its pathological manifestation. We are built with the flight or fight instinct but what triggers which part of it in each of us? Why does he run screaming, and she with pounding heart, stands to face the monster