‘Did ISIS doctor the footage of Japanese hostages?’ No way!

‘Did ISIS doctor the footage of Japanese hostages?’  asks the Daily Mail here. ‘Experts’, they say, suggest that it is. No kidding.

All these ISIS videos are, not ‘doctored’, because that implies that there is a core of authenticity to them, but simulations—composites comprised of people and things at different times or different places assembled using video deception techniques. They could be created anywhere, Tel Aviv, Ankara, London, Virginia, or wherever the Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) hangs its hat these days. This much can be established without doubt using well established forensic techniques.

And so I have been arguing for months now. For those interested in reviewing those posts click on ‘Islamic State’ in the menu to the left or click here. They are best read in the order in which they were written. Draw your own conclusions.

Try to find a named ‘intelligence’ professional who will testify that these videos are what they say they are. Traditional news media usually cover their backsides by prefacing their accounts with a cautious ‘appears to show’ and such like. The US and UK governments will vouch for them, but only via ‘official sources’.

No one with any sense working in intelligence will vouch for them because they know what any child who watches them knows, that these videos are not what they seem. They also know that this is a high stakes deception operation and the costs of stepping out of line are equally high.

The one exception to this rule is the for-profit SITE Intelligence and President Obama. Only today SITE confirmed that the Japanese hostage beheading video is ‘authentic’; or, more precisely and more cautiously,  it said that ‘it believed the image of Mr. Yukawa’s dead body was authentic’ (New York Times JAN. 24, 2015).

SITE is said to have close and direct links with the White House. Sure enough, shortly after SITE gave the nod, President Obama, choosing his words carefully, professed his outrage at this ‘murder’. Since only a conspiracy theorist doubts the President, all doubts are supposed to cease. This ‘narrative’ established, other Western leaders fell into line and acted as Obama’s croaking chorus.

There surely must be a legitimate reason why the private for-profit Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) discovers and authenticates all these Jihadist videos, while the CIA and MI6, funded in the billions from the public purse, remain silent, but at the moment I can’t think of one.

It surely couldn’t be because there is truth in the old rumour that SITE has a hand in creating the very videos it miraculously discovers. Could it?

Dr. Richard Marsden