Great moments in reputation management: Brand Pistorius mourns its terrible loss and makes sure we know it

Reblogged in the light of Pistorius’s testimony this week.

The Business of Emotions

Brand Pistorius’ strategy for getting their boy off this inconvenient murder rap seems to be to have him play the role of a penitent mourner in the hope that public opinion will swing their way and with it, the judge.

Hence today’s announcement on Oscar Pistorius: Official Website of The Blade Runner by Vuma Reputation Management (VRM) that that very evening, the Pistorius family would hold a private memorial service to commemorate the life of Reeva Steenkamp.

They’re not quite so crass as to advertise this private event without anticipating the obvious question (‘if it’s private, why make it public?’). Their hand is forced, you see, because some unscrupulous person has leaked news to the media. So they’ve no choice but to advertise it a lot more and make a plea to the media (as if VRM is not ‘media’) to please respect the privacy of the Pistorius family tonight.

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