Brands are people too

At a recent event in Seattle sponsored by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, Heather Oldani of McDonalds told the audience, “For brands, showing emotion is the new black.”  It resonated with the audience, and was one of the most tweeted takeaways from the event.

Oldani went on to say, “Every brand or organization has a story. It is those that tell it the best that will win.  And bringing a level of humanness to the stories you want to share and to your overall brand communication is key.” [Source]

More and more, brands are gaining traction by embracing qualities like honesty, kindness, and simply having a sense of humor about themselves.

“Today, brands are becoming more and more like humans,” Luna said. “They’re taking on more and more human-like traits.” [Source]

Like this compassionate brand:

Attributes of successful human era brands: They empower individuals to be the brand. Welcome to the Human Era: The new model for building trusted connections, and what brands need to do about it (pdf)

The sales pitch is this: we have moved from an institutional era to a human era. If that report is too long to read, try this:

Here is a question that will have escaped these emotional marketeers: If brands are becoming more like humans, what are humans becoming more like? 

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