Two and a half lessons in emotion design (short Apple video)

Watch this for an explanation of how our emotional reactions are designed into the things we buy, in this case Apple products.

“‘What do we want people to feel?’ “joy …  … delight … surprise … love … connection …”

This short video is advertising and self-promotion. Don’t confuse it with an impartial documentary. It is silent on the emotions of those who actually make Apple products in China. Not a lot of joy and love there. The love, or at least attachment’, that Apple users feel isn’t towards each other, it’s towards their iPod, iPhone and iPad and their creator—towards Apple corporation itself.

Note too how the video appropriates ‘intention’ which is central to Buddhist thought (‘right intention‘). (Steve Jobs regarded himself as a Buddhist.) This spiritual quality, the video implies, is now embodied in Apple products and consumed by those who buy and use them.

Is this a good idea?

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