News from Around the Parish

The Right Reverend Barack Obama delivered his sermon ‘Moral Courage: What it is and How to recognize it’ at the Robben Island Human Rights Museum, South Africa, last week.

Afterwards, he presented a gold watch to ‘Grandfather’ Nelson Mandela, for his long and faithful service as caretaker at the museum. His wife, Graca Machel, accepted it on Mr. Mandala’s behalf as he was feeling unwell.

During his visit the Right Reverend blessed a $7 billion new US-led project to increase access to electricity in Africa. He vowed to assist Africa in bringing “light where there is currently darkness.”

Later, in Soweto, the Right Reverend unveiled a ‘plan to have future African leaders groomed’ in America!—the Washington Fellowship for Young Entrepreneurs.

“This won’t be the most expensive programme we have, but I actually believe it will end (up) being one of the most important. It’s important to me personally because it is a great way for me to show confidence in all of you,” he said.

But first, the Reverend pointed out, they had to ‘root out’ corruption because that is a very ‘bad thing‘ and a barrier to ‘investment’.

Such was the enthusiasm of the people of Soweto in welcoming the Right Reverend that the police felt obliged to intervene. But no harm done, all joined hands and the visitation was declared a success!

Joseph Allbright and Marcia Kunstel. Ex-official: Cia Helped Jail Mandela. Chicago Tribune. June 10, 1990.

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