Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers: an 11 minute radio introduction on the BBC


Edward Snowden’s leaking of American State secrets has been presented by some as analogous to Daniel Ellsberg’s leaking of the Pentagon Papers in 1971. If you want to know more about Ellsberg and these Papers this 11 minute BBC radio broadcast is a good place to start.

Ellsberg (that’s him in the photo in 1971) was also denounced as a traitor and put on trial. But there the similarities end I think. This was a time when we were shocked to discover that Nixon taped all his telephone conversations. (Listen to the conversation between Nixon and Haig.) Now the entire country is bugged.

Note the reference to Orwell’s 1984 in the photo. Such innocence.

Snowden is in a much graver situation because of the exceptionalism made possible by America’s ‘war on terror’.

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