Visualizing Facebook friendships

Who still grows up where s/he was born? Who lives where s/he grew up anymore? Who works where s/he lives? Who lives where his or her ancestors lived? And whose kids are these, the kids of our era; the children of their parents, or of television? The truth is that we’ve been torn wholesale from all belonging, that we aren’t from anywhere anymore, and that as a result we have at the same time an unusual penchant for tourism, an undeniable suffering. (The Invisible Committee, The Coming Insurrection, p. 9).

A lot of people who ‘aren’t from anywhere, anymore’ have Facebook friends and these interconnections can be mapped like this (click for the spectacular enlargement):


[Source: Facebook worldwide friendships mapped]

Where are the emotions in these Facebook friendships? Friends are ‘connected’. They ‘stay in touch’. They indicate what they ‘like’. But there are no bodies in these friendships and without bodies there are no emotions. Facebook friendships are simulated friendships with the idea of emotional connections.

You ‘like’ this idea?

To place this in context, here is a short video on one attempt (using Map of the Internet) to visualize the entire internet.

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