Brand ‘trustiness’

Trust warps memory to keep love strong (in Futurity) tells us that

Trust fools us into remembering our partners as more considerate and less hurtful than they actually were.


“One of the ways that trust is so good for relationships is that it makes us partly delusional,” says Eli J. Finkel, professor of psychology at Northwestern University.

But it’s not just love that’s kept strong by a trust warped memory. This works with corporations and their brands too. That’s why they put so much effort into establishing their ‘trustiness’.

‘Brands are people too!’ it would seem. They certainly claim to have all the attributes of a person.

Here is the United States’ most trusted brands. Compare with those of Canada. Here we have Secrets of the 10 Most-Trusted Brands. There is no shortage of marketing firms measuring brand qualities, so take your pick and hang on to your scepticism.

The ‘secret’ lies in how brands ‘connect with consumers’, and they connect with consumers via simulated, manufactured emotions. Getting consumers to trust them is quite an achievement, so how do they manage it?


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