One thought on “Coca Cola and ‘The Great Happification’

  1. Greg Rogers says:

    As a piece of animation, it’s well done, and you can’t really find fault with the messages in it – shades of Bertrand Russell, suggesting that one of the keys to happiness is to cultivate a wide range of interests, and be willing to try new things.

    It must have cost them a small fortune to make this, but I would imagine it will pay dividends in the end.

    I checked out the comments section where the video is posted on YouTube, and it’s got lots of positive feedback, like “I dont like it….i LOVE it for 6:50 e feel like a child it was amazing :)” and “LOVE IT! I am an avid Coca Cola collector and fell in love with this.”

    Indeed, their branding in general appears to be perceived by some to be an authentic, oiginal cultural resource, helping them build a community of consumers and supporters… I noticed they have many other videos on their YouTube channel as well – this one is particularly clever:

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