How to respond to ‘fortune’

‘Nothing is impossible.

We can all succeed in life despite what happens to us.

There is no difference.

We are all equal.’

These words were spoken by Philippe Croizon, a Frenchman with no limbs, after he had swam the Bering Strait last Sunday, 19 August, 2012.

He might have added, ‘it’s all a matter of will’. And what is the will but our emotional persona.

The background story is here. Philippe speaks about his motivation in this short video.

His limbs were destroyed by an accidental electrocution when he was 25. ‘He would have been killed instantly – but another massive electric charge snapped him back to life‘. Bad fortune; good fortune.

His extraordinary achievement illustrates an argument of the previous post, What an iron bar through the brain tells us about emotions.

An inherited or an acquired disability or no disability at all. ‘There is no difference’. All that matters is how we respond to our fortune, good or bad. The strength of our will. ‘We are all equal’—in our ability to respond to what comes our way.

Some with paralyzed bodies have incredible wills. Some with able bodies have paralyzed wills.

In this context, I commend to you the lives (and blogs) of Laura Forde (through my eyes my life with cerebral palsy; Twitter) and Jody McIntyre  (Life on Wheels: “Power concedes nothing without demand…”; and on Twitter) two people with cerebral palsy.

This interview with Jody speaks volumes about his will:

One thought on “How to respond to ‘fortune’

  1. Gina says:

    He so clearly keeps bringing the conversation back to the issues of violence, threat, and who is wielding the power in the incident! He demonstrates a real clarity, focus and commitment to the protests.

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