Love simulated vs. Love achieved

Here is the latest emotional marketing campaign by Volkswagen with commentary by MemeMachine:

Most car ads focus on the vehicle driving down absurdly quiet streets, or in slow motion on a wide, majestic beach. This ad uses the car as it was intended – as transport. 

Volkswagen may have cast the vehicle as just that, a humble conveyance, but it’s also the driving force behind this love story.

Our heroine sits in her city apartment writing an email to her man. It’s not a happy message, she’s been doing a lot of thinking and wants him to call her as soon as he reads the email. A break-up appears to be looming.

Instead of hitting send, she prints the message and jumps into her Volkswagen, carrying the note with her as she drives through the night.

Alone on the open road, she has time to think about how the long-distance relationship is going, all the interrupted phone calls and where she feels at home.

Dawn breaks and she arrives at the beach. Standing in front of her man, she knows where home is. The pair embrace and the rest of us wonder what this has to do with Volkswagen.

Just in time, the ad tells us, “some technology connects us” (referring to emails). But thinking about Volkswagen’s vehicles, “the best technology brings us together”.

Put together by Ogilvy, Cape Town, the tear-jerking ad has garnered nearly 6,000 views in one week.

This well-crafted ad manages to use the car to tell a great story, without forgetting that the car is just a car. Source

If your emotions are stirred by this contrived sentiment it’s probably time to give your head a good shake.

Nevertheless, what you feel in front of a screen and what you feel in the presence of someone are incomparable, so I like that she’s prepared to break-up with him face-to-face. Even if she doesn’t.

But if she now knows where home is (presumably, with him) she’s not going to need a car at all, is she? She can make do with a bike.

Let’s compare this with a real love story. Noting what the VW driver’s young man has on the back of his T-shirt, let’s choose this one: Order to destroy ‘massive’ shark that killed Perth surfer Ben Linden.

Here his girl-friend of 8 years—Alana Noakes—says this of Ben:

“I’m devastated to let everyone know that my beautiful man, Ben Linden, was the surfer who was taken by the shark at Wedge this morning…

“Ben was the most amazing man, he lit up the lives of all who knew him.

“He was the most talented, good-natured, beautiful person I’ve ever met.

“He was the love of my life, my best friend, my rock and my soulmate.

“I, like everyone who knew him, absolutely cherish every moment of the last 8 years I spent with him.

“He has helped me to be a better person, to learn to ‘ride the waves’ of life.
“Let’s remember that he was doing something that meant the world to him. Surfing was his soul, his life, his culture and his passion.

“He loved mother nature in all her glory and is now in her arms eternally. Let’s rejoice in that.”

Amen to that.

Here they are together:

Ben Linden and Alana Noakes

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