A short article on Aaron Ben-Ze’ev’s ‘In the Name of Love: Romantic Ideology and its Victims’

The institution of marriage may be in decline, but love is still going strong. In a new book, philosophy professor and University of Haifa president Aaron Ben-Ze’ev explains why.

The article is by Aviva Lori and is called ‘Happily ever after, for at least three years’ and can be found here.

See how Ben-Ze’ev defines ’emotion. 

2 thoughts on “A short article on Aaron Ben-Ze’ev’s ‘In the Name of Love: Romantic Ideology and its Victims’

  1. On another note, I recently read an article in Elle magazine that noted some of the same emotional issues surrounding romantic love as those Ben-Ze’ev mentions in the above article. Our mainstream western society appears to be changing-terms such as “negotiated infidelity,” “non-monogamy,” “polyamory” and “monogamish” may be becoming more mainstream because of the internet but also because of a change in consciousness within society. As sexual minorities have become more accepted within mainstream Western society, society is becoming more tolerant of non-conventional ideas of the relationship (Elle Canada, June 2012).

    While in many ways this is good in my eyes-being more accepting, increasing love regardless is a good thing, but I think that these changes may increase the feelings of insecurity that people may feel and that the open-relationship may exacerbate these feelings. Jealousy in particular is bound to increase in open relationships as Ben-Ze’ev has explained “In jealousy we want to “get even” with both the mate and the rival and to maintain the relationship. These two desires are often incompatible.” (Ben-Ze’ev 2000) So even if there has been a negotiation of terms in regards to what the relationship is, jealousy may make an arrangement that will salvage marriage impossible.

  2. Wow, again great food for thought. I can see the points that Ben Ze’ev makes but perhaps I don’t buy into to everything that he is trying to sell. The medium of technology has made love possible over the internet but is this that different that people writing letters to one another hundreds of years ago? I think that the biggest change is in our western society and the society’s changing expectations of humanity as well as the relative financial independence of women. The sexual revolution has changed much and provided an opportunity for individuals to pursue love rather than simply looking at an arrangement as beneficial financially.

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