Visualizing social network

The allure of the brain should not distract us from exploring the social nature of emotions. But it has. 

To counter that consider individual humans as akin to the nuclei that comprise the human brain. We know what they look like, but what do relations among humans look like? 

As a stimulus to the imagination explore these visualizations of complex networks at Visual Complexity. Look at Social Networks especially.

See something or say something on Flickr is similar.

One thought on “Visualizing social network

  1. Karen Nielsen says:

    Interesting. According to Reeve ( 2009), we have to consider interactions between our cognitions, biology as well as social and cultural influences to fully explain the experience of emotion, so yes, a complex network.
    Reeve, J. (2009). Understanding motivation and emotion (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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